Off-Site Event Guidelines

  1. Naming rights: If your contract does not include “Naming Rights” you are not able to use the trademarked AfroTech name or Logo in your marketing material for any off-site events.
  2. Each official AfroTech partnered event must be contracted with Blavity Inc.
  3. All partnered events must be free of charge. 
  4. Events must be no more than 350 guests.
  5. Each event must be pre-approved by Blavity Inc.’s Events team
  6. All event marketing materials and logo usage must adhere to the AfroTech Brand Guidelines and be approved by Blavity Inc. no later than October 1st, 2021.
    1. AfroTech Logo & Brand Guidelines
  7. Clients may not have unapproved signage at the event or at the conference.
  8. Blavity Inc. Events team must receive a registration/RSVP link to all partnered events no later than October 1st, 2021 to be added to the official schedule. Any late events may be subject to not being added to printed schedules or on site guides.
  9. All companies who have licensing rights in their contract are authorized to use AfroTech logo and branding for their official event. Any additional events outside of the ones in their contract are not authorized and will be considered a breach.
    1. First breach will receive a notification from your CS support and the logo and marketing materials will be required to be removed within 2 business days. If it is not removed then the company will be considered in breach of our agreement terms which may result in their participation at AfroTech cancelled.
    2. 2nd offense will be considered a breach of contract subject to fee and/or legal action