When will my booth and/or sponsor space render be uploaded to the portal?

Following the asset deadline (9/6), renders will be uploaded under the render page, please check the “RENDERING” page on the left nav starting (10/4).

Please include feedback in the form of links and/or videos (Loom or other) under the “feedback section.

If you have not received your render please email ATsponsordesign@blavity.com. Thank you.

What happens if I miss a deadline? Or wish to change one of my assets after it’s been uploaded to the portal?

Please reach out to the ATsponsordesign@blavity.com and afrotechcs@blavity.com team so that we can support you with the next steps.

What if my company’s firewall is preventing me from joining the AfroTech Conference platform?

If you have specific firewall call outs please reach out to ATsponsordesign@blavity.com and afrotechcs@blavity.com to help support you as much as possible. The platform is a secured site and due to our partner’s privacy, we will have special firewalls set up to also ensure strong network performance. 

How can I access my tasks and deadlines in the Sponsor Portal?

Information regarding your AfroTech Conference Sponsorship tasks and deadlines are provided in the “Tasks & Deadlines” page of the Sponsor Portal. 

Where do I find information specific to my AT Conference sponsorship and outstanding tasks?

Information regarding your AfroTech Conference Sponsorship is provided on the “Account Overview” page of the Sponsor Portal. You can view your deadlines, notifications, and tasks on the “Tasks & Deadlines” page. If you have additional questions, please reach out to afrotechcs@blavity.com