What are the recruiting hours and when are they held?

Recruiting hours are the time we invite attendees who are seriously looking for new roles to come to the expo halls when there is a little less traffic to encourage recruiters to have longer 1:1 conversations

Recruiting hours will take place Wednesday, November 10th from 8:00am-12:00pm PST

Is the resume book the current number of RSVP’s going to AfroTech Conference?

No, the number of entries in the resume book database is the number of ticket holders who’ve opted in to share their resumes with sponsors. Not all attendees submit. Please note you will see an influx of resumes by mid-October.

How many submissions/entries are in the AfroTech Resume Book?

Our AfroTech Resume Book is continuously growing and new submissions will be added as attendees purchase tickets leading up to the conference. We will be encouraging all attendees to submit their information to our database through strategic marketing and email communications leading up to the conference.

Can I get a list of attendees that visit my booth or sponsored space?

Unfortunately, we’re unable to provide attendee contact information. However, you are able to share your own internal intake form within your booth or sponsored space to collect contact information for attendees you interact with at AfroTech Conference.

How can I schedule interviews with attendees?

You are able to provide a scheduling link to attendees onsite at AfroTech Conference via private chat, or by including a scheduling link in your booth. We also encourage sponsors to pre-schedule interviews with candidates of interest upon reviewing the resume book.

Can I purchase a separate interview room at AfroTech Conference? How much would it cost?

For questions about interview rooms or additional features, please contact our Partnerships Team at partnerships@blavity.com.

Has everyone in the Resume Book database agreed and opted-in to receive email communications?

Submissions in the AfroTech Resume Book are only to be used for your candidate pipeline leading up to AfroTech Conference. Our goal is to connect your team with potential hires. Their information CAN NOT be used for any other email communications or newsletters.

Is the AT Resume Book anonymous?

No, the resume book is not anonymous to allow for recruiters to be able to contact the potential candidates. 

How do I access the AfroTech Resume Book?

If your sponsorship includes access to the AfroTech Resume Book, you can access the resume book through the “Resume Book” page. Here is a link to a video tutorial on how to utilize the NEW and improved AfroTech Resume Book. If you need further assistance regarding the resume book, please reach out to afrotechcs@blavity.com.

Please note that our AfroTech Resume Book will continue to grow and new submissions will be added as attendees purchase tickets leading up to the conference. We are encouraging all attendees to submit their information to our database.