Where can I find the most updated expo hall maps? (subject to change)

Please note, expo hall maps are subject to change. See here for first version.

Video reminder: Close captioning & Looping/autoplay

Please remember to provide video files to the ATSponsordesign@blavity.com team that already include close captioning & autoplay/loop settings.

You may see here, a YouTube example & walkthrough.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.


When will my booth and/or sponsor space render be uploaded to the portal?

Following the asset deadline (9/6), renders will be uploaded under the render page, please check the “RENDERING” page on the left nav starting (10/4).

Please include feedback in the form of links and/or videos (Loom or other) under the “feedback section.

If you have not received your render please email ATsponsordesign@blavity.com. Thank you.

What happens if I miss a deadline? Or wish to change one of my assets after it’s been uploaded to the portal?

Please reach out to the ATsponsordesign@blavity.com and afrotechcs@blavity.com team so that we can support you with the next steps.

​​Hero images – what are these used for and any specific sizing requirements outside of mb? Want to be sure to provide the right type of imagery.

Hero images are the large web banner images that are on a company’s website/approved for marketing/recruitment/events. These images are included in the booth main screens. We recommend high res images, each file should be 1mb-2mb max, Ai, png, jpg format.

For the booth design, what type of company hyperlinks should be included (e.g. marketing, product, recruitment, survey, swag, gift cards)

Within the booth, there is the option to include (1) hyperlink at the kiosk, the header and the main screens. These can all be the same link or different. During last year’s conference a good portion of sponsors linked out to their website, careers page, PR articles, contact intake forms, and giveaways.

What can I include/brand with my interview pod?

We suggest that the interview pod screen displays your logo image, and includes a hyperlink to your careers page, any video content you’d like to share, or any other external link of your choosing.

Please see the “Interview Pod” page in the sponsor portal for more details.

Are we able to include job postings, or include links to videos in our booth?

You may include job postings or links to video content in your booth. The main screen, or kiosk in your booth, can be hyperlinked to any external link of your choosing.

Please see the “Booth Design” page in the sponsor portal for more details.

Can someone walk me through designing my booth, skybox, interview pod, sponsor house, etc.? And how things will work onsite/live?

We have curated guides and video tutorials to walk you through your booth/sponsored space design. Walkthroughs will be provided via email where the AT Design team will send videos providing guidance on questions submitted by your team. We will also be available to assist via email with your follow-up questions. The guides will be available in the corresponding booth design and sponsored space (or non-booth) landing pages. In addition, we will provide renderings of your sponsored area for your review, comment, and approval prior to going live at the conference. You may see more on booths and sponsor spaces here.

Note: If you are a Platinum – Premium sponsor, our CS team will coordinate a call to review assets.

Where do I upload my booth logo, brand guidelines, and booth content in the Sponsor Portal?

Please utilize the “Booth Design” page in the Sponsor Portal to upload your booth content.